Telecommunications | new technology | IT

D.Dobkowski sp.k. has long experience in the provision of legal advisory services on implementation and use of IT, ICT and telecommunication systems, and the transfer of technologies.

We enhance our strictly legal competence with a thorough knowledge of industry and market specificity. Our additional asset is close cooperation we maintain with other KPMG Group entities within the scope of financial and business advisory.

Services we offer include provision of advice on projects and investments co-financed from the European Union funds.

Our lawyers act in cases involving:

  • legal services within the scope of supply, installation, integration and migration of data, transfer of rights, licenses, etc. in connection with implementation of computing platforms and software,
  • purchase of technologies and databases,
  • agreements necessary for information systems implementation, including service level agreements (SLA), post-implementation assistance agreements, source code escrow agreements, agreements for the provision of telecommunication network and connections,
  • ERP and CRM license agreements, agreements for IT system maintenance, IT services outsourcing,
  • implementation of integrated IT systems (e.g. for the provision of services to the enterprise’s branches and Clients; ICT infrastructure in the public sector – for state authorities, institutions, enterprises and citizens),
  • services for telecommunication networks,
  • Internet-based services (commercial and services platforms, e-commerce, SaaS),
  • computer security audits (supplier’s systems support, software update and new versions, protection of network-processed confidential data and information) – compliance with the law and internal regulations and standards of the organization.