Piotr Dziekoński

Trainee attorney-at-law, Lawyer
The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP

Work experience:

Piotr Dziekoński joined to the Law Firm in 2018. He is a trainee attorney-at-law in Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-law. He specializes in a contract law and ongoing services for entrepreneurs. Piotr was also involved in drafting of due diligence reports. He is interested in labour law and IP law, in particular copyright law.



Education and qualifications

Master of law – graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University


Trainee attorney-at-law, Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law


Coronavirus - impact on contractual obligations

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic and the related special administrative measures have a profound impact on business transactions. Disruptions of supply chains, travel limits, administrative bans on trading in certain goods, payment gridlocks or, finally, quarantined or absent employees, form a list of special circumstances, whose occurrence may make the performance of contracts substantially difficult or even…

Coronavirus - extraordinary changes in court proceedings and the system of justice

The Ministry of Justice has issued recommendations restricting the activity of courts and announced introduction of extraordinary changes in the law regarding court proceedings, time limits defined by substantive law and the system of justice. The new solutions are a response to the coronavirus spread. Announcement by the Ministry of Justice on emergency legislation for…

Lease during the pandemic – special new legal solutions

Shopping malls and the entire retail sector are suffering huge losses due to COVID-19 pandemic. Since mid-March 2020, only some shops may operate in facilities above 2,000 square meters, including e.g. food, home-improvement and construction stores, and pharmacies. Catering and entertainment facilities have been closed also outside shopping malls. The above are only a few…

New rules for operation of shopping centres

As announced by the Prime Minister on 29 April 2020, on 4 May 2020, retail and service premises were reopened in commercial facilities with an area of over 2,000 m2 (shopping centres, retail parks and other commercial facilities not conducting predominant food activity) - shops and premises previously banned from operating (e.g., clothing and footwear…