Anna Konaszewska

Attorney-at-Law, Senior Associate
The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP

Professional experience:

Anna Konaszewska has been involved with D.Dobkowski Law Firm since 1998. Anna has been engaged in projects covering company mergers, takeovers, divisions and transformations, as well as company restructuring and privatisation, transactions for the purchase of blocks of shares in companies and purchase of separated parts of enterprises. She also draws up concentration assumptions for international capital groups as well as complex reports / analyses, (pre-investment) due diligence and compliance / forensic reports. She advises clients on their day-to-day business activity, corporate matters (drafting resolutions of the management board /shareholders), labour law matters. Anna Konaszewska negotiates and gives opinion on commercial contracts.


  • english

Education and qualifications

Master of Law, Law and Administration Faculty, Jagiellonian University (1997)


Member of the Krakow Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law (2003).


Company law / corporate services,

Mergers and acquisitions.