Aleksandra Janiszewska

Attorney trainee, Lawyer
The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP

Professional experience:

Aleksandra Janiszewska has been working for D.Dobkowski Law Firm since 2019. Previously, she had been working for a law firm specializing in penal law where she gained professional experience by representing clients before courts and prosecutor’s office.

She specializes in penal law and compliance. Within the area of her expertise she was involved in compliance audit, including compliance with AML regulations, and in drafting internal policies and regulations.


English, Spanish

Education and qualifications

Master of Law, Law and Administration Faculty, Warsaw University


Attorney trainee in the Łódź Bar Association of Advocates


Coronavirus and contracts governed by foreign laws

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the ability to meet contractual obligations is likely to affect every company. Additionally, the situation of a business may prove to be even more complicated if the contract is governed by foreign law or if – for other reasons – foreign law may apply to consequences of the contract…

Anti-Crisis Shield to counteract COVID-19 pandemic – support for entrepreneurs

In order to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurs, the Polish government developed the so-called Anti-Crisis Shield (previously known as the "shield package"). The legislation is still in the process of completion. Meanwhile, we want to present to you main assumptions underlying the provisions on support for the labour market, financing…

Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0: vital changes in public procurement

The so-called "4.0 Shield" bill, which provides for, among other things, significant changes in the Public Procurement Law, was submitted to the Sejm. The latest solutions are primarily intended to improve the contractual situation of contractors, and to unblock activities of the National Chamber of Appeal. Obligatory amendment of a public procurement agreement Shield 1.0…