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Real estate and construction law

D. Dobkowski LP, a law firm associated with KPMG, has almost 20 years of experience in providing legal assistance in the area of trading, development and management of real estate.

Nieruchomości i prawo budowlane

Our real estate team, composed of attorneys-at-law and advocates, provides complex legal services to numerous Clients including, among others, investment funds, pension funds, real estate funds, general contractors, architect offices, developers as well as financial institutions. We provide advice in relation to commercial investments, i.e., commercial malls and centers, office buildings, logistics parks, industrial buildings, wind farms, housing and infrastructural projects.

Transaction Preparation and Cost Optimization

The Law Firm along with KPMG develops an optimum method of purchasing or selling real estate or real estate-related assets, taking into account tax and legal aspects, as well as accounting consequences.

Due Diligence Analyses

The Due Diligence process involves a complex review of the real estate’s legal and factual status at the purchasing and/or selling stage.

Transaction Implementation

The Law Office organizes and monitors subsequent stages of transaction at the real estate market: signing documentation, verifying documentation compliance, reporting, filing applications for entry in public registers, preparing opinions and reports.

Investment Process

We provide our Clients with complex advice in respect of preparation and implementation of building investments. We analyse compliance of the investments with relevant master plans, environmental regulations; we negotiate rules for investment implementation with local authorities, represent Clients in administrative proceedings aimed at obtaining decisions and permits necessary to realize the investment. We draft and negotiate contracts for design works, contracts for construction works and agreements for investment management.


We draw up a complete and optimal documentation which regulates relations between the lessor and the lessees; we negotiate real estate lease, tenancy and leasing agreements. We provide complex legal assistance in respect of the operation and management of commercial buildings, including contracts termination with or without notice, return of the premises, recovering amounts due from the lessees, also in the course of enforcement and/or bankruptcy proceedings. We prepare complete documentation for the sale of residential premises.

Construction works

We advise to entrepreneurs in the course of negotiations and performance of construction works contracts and general contractor agreements.

Public-Private Partnership

We advise our Clients in relation to public investments realization. For that purpose we analyze legal risks and possible models of cooperation with public partners; we assist them in creating an optimal implementation structure and prepare the required documentation.

Insurance and Guarantees

The Law Firm advises investors and developers in matching the insurance coverage to their respective needs; negotiates insurance terms and conditions, including third party liability insurance in the investment process, CAR Insurance, Inherent Defects Insurance, Title Insurance. We also provide our assistance in collecting compensation under insurance policies and guarantees.

Real Estate Mediation and Litigation; Restructuring

We represent our Clients in mediation and litigation before common, administrative and arbitration courts in all real estate-related cases.  We also represent Clients in restructuring processes related to entities holding title to real estate.

Financing real estate transactions

We act for financing institutions; our Law Firm prepares documents based on which the funds are provided and the security is established.