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Capital Markets

Our Law Firm renders a wide range of legal advisory services concerning capital markets.

Rynki kapitałowe

In this area we act, among others, for public companies, entities intending to make their initial public offering (IPO) and financial institutions acting on the regulated market, such as brokerage houses, banks and investment funds.

Our Law Firm provides, among others, advisory services concerning issuance and trading in securities as well as performance of disclosure obligations. At the request of our financial sector Clients, we draft contracts and rules and regulations concerning brokerage activities. We provide legal advice with reference to regulatory issues linked with the operation of financial instruments trading systems. Our considerable experience includes also public companies mergers and delisting.

A portion of our services is addressed to managerial staff, for whom we create compensation programs tailored to individual needs and conditions, such programs based on financial instruments (the so-called ”management stock options”). We also advise on various issues related to personal liability for running a public company.

In the scope of capital markets the Law Firm closely cooperates with KPMG finance, banking and tax law experts. In this field we implemented numerous advisory projects where economic problems were interwoven with corporate law and corporate governance issues, such as designing foreign exchange risk management systems or corporate structures optimization with the use of financial instruments.